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Delivering value across our sustainable investments

Over the last 10 years Actarus Renewables has invested across sectors from energy efficiency to renewables, supporting ESG driven projects whilst delivering superior returns to our investors

Offshore Floating Wind Farm

In February 2023 ahead of the issuance of the EU backed Fer 2 incentive program, Actarus Renewables started evaluating a co-development plan in order to bring to authorisation one of the largest offshore wind farm projects in Italian deep seas.

Retina Biomethane

In November 2021, 10 months ahead of the EU backed incentive scheme, Actarus Renewables through it’s Retina vehicle, signed an exclusivity agreement to acquire two of the largest Biomethane plant authorisation pipelines in Italy. Retina then acquired 14 medium scale plant authorisations RTB that once developed will generate c. 60m SMC per annum of bio-methane gas per annum from cattle and farming manure to be directly injected into the European grid.
Retina sits at the intersection of green energy production, the circular economy in cattle waste and sustainable farming. Green Methane gas injected into the European gas grid can be stored, which is critical to driving more renewable energy because it balances intermittent power sources such as wind and solar. Green Methane gas also provides a direct path to green transport and heating using existing distribution infrastructure.
Actarus renewables aims at rapidly expanding the portfolio with other 16 projects with the objective to build and connect 30 new plants by 2026 and generate over 100m of SMC of bio-methane by 2026.

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Suncore Sardegna

In 2018, ahead of the EU FER 1 legislation and anticipating the strong interest from larger investors that would then follow, Actarus Renewables launched Suncore Italia to take advantage of the high yielding Italian solar photovoltaic market by acquiring large scale industrial land plots in Sardinia. Over the following 3 years the projects reached final authorisation and were fully developed. What started off as a grid parity project turned into a large scale 100+ Mw of prime FER 1 connectable Solar power plants that in 2022 were sold to an infrastructure fund.

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ESG Real Estate Financing
PLS Premium Lighting Solutions

Actarus Renewables seed invested in PLS Premium Lighting Solutions, an ESCO company focused on deploying environmental friendly lighting technologies into commercial, public and industrial buildings a key area to address in what was at the time the newly born, energy transition plan.
The initiative developed into a structural JV with Engie and was exited by Actarus Renewables in 2017.
The strategy saw the business rapidly grow and establish itself as the leading provider of a one-stop, turnkey solution for public and private organisations wishing to reduce their lighting costs.

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