Sustainable infrastructure investment

Our Strategy

Investment Criteria

Investment Size

Eur 5M - Eur 25M

Deal Type

Platforms and early stage developments




Energy transition and environment

Hold Period

1 - 5 years


Support transition to a carbon neutral economy

Scouting the market for new sustainability stars

In a world where the ESG agenda and technology evolution are driving changes at unprecedented speed, new opportunities are constantly appearing on the horizon.

Our focus is in identifying small to medium sized investment opportunities in emerging sectors where the regulatory framework has not evolved yet to match the sustainability angle and the technological change.

Through a rigorous and disciplined analysis we aim at investing in higher risk/higher growth sectors in the early stages of their evolution.

We then actively manage our investment fostering rapid growth and optimal de-risking, generating superior returns for our investors.


We believe that the world has entered a new era of  deep structural change driven by sustainability. Market participants and regulators must prepare for a significant change in investment criteria and a profound transformation in the way capital is allocated